SHIPPING INSURANCE is an online resource, providing shipping insurance specifically for the collectibles industry and custom manufactured fabrications. Backed by an A-rated insurer, packages can be quickly and reliably protected from loss or damage while being shipped both domestically and internationally at very competitive rates with no deductible.

Shipping Insurance Rates (U.S. Only)*

Carrier Cost/$100 Shipped Value Maximum Limit
Federal Express First Overnight Express Service $0.18 up to $75,000
Federal Express Ground Parcel Delivery Service $0.23 up to $20,000
Federal Express Priority Overnight Express Service $0.18 up to $75,000
Federal Express Same Day $0.22 up to $15,000
Federal Express Saver $0.24 up to $10,000
Federal Express Standard Overnight Express Service $0.20 up to $75,000
Federal Express Two Day Express Service $0.26 up to $15,000
United Parcel Service Ground $0.26 up to $15,000
United Parcel Service Next Day Air $0.24 up to $75,000
United States Postal Service Shipped by Express Mail $0.22 up to $75,000
United States Postal Service Shipped by Registered $0.11 up to $75,000
United States Postal Service Priority Mail $0.24 up to $5,000
*A $1.50 minimum charge applies to each insured shipment.
Note: Other limits per underwriting approval.

International Shipping Insurance Rates*

(Exclusively Federal Express Only)
Below is our list of approved countries. If you frequently ship to a country not on our list, contact us for consideration to ship to that country. Shipments must originate in the US.
The limit for international shipping is up to $30,000.
International Shipping Rates are $.65 per $100.
Approved Country Codes
  AR - Argentina AU - Australia AT - Austria
  BE - Belgium BM - Bermuda BO - Bolivia
  BW - Botswana BR - Brazil CA - Canada
  CL - Chile CN - China HR - Croatia
  CY - Cyprus CZ - Czech Republic DK - Denmark
  EG - Egypt EE - Estonia FI - Finland
  FR - France PF - French Polynesia DE - Germany
  GB - Great Britain GR - Greece IS - Iceland
  IN - India IL - Israel IT - Italy
  JP - Japan KW - Kuwait LV - Latvia
  MY - Malaysia MT - Malta MX - Mexico
  MC - Monaco NL - Netherlands NZ - New Zealand
  NI - Northern Ireland NO - Norway PL - Poland
  PT - Portugal QA - Qatar RO - Romania
  SL - Scotland RS - Serbia SG - Singapore
  SK - Slovakia ZA - South Africa KP - South Korea
  ES - Spain SE - Sweden CH - Switzerland
  TH - Thailand TR - Turkey AE - UAE
  VN - Vietnam WA - Wales  

If you are interested in learning more about the coverages included from you can read more here or email Adam Steinmetz at

In order to participate in the Ship and Insure program, you must be a current member of the North American Collectibles Association (NACA). If you are not, you can apply for membership here.

If you are a current NACA member and would like to apply for the Ship and Insure Program, please click here.